25. 02. 23
The Macallan® Feature

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Macallan®, anyone? Macallan® cocktail, anyone? High-quality visual content is an essential part of any successful marketing campaign. This was true for Rosso Restaurants when they launched their new Macallan® cocktail menu and wanted to generate buzz and excitement. To achieve this, we worked with photographer and videographer Ben Pickles to create stunning visual content that showcased the restaurant's drinks and upscale atmosphere.

The primary goal of the photography and film campaign was to generate interest and excitement around the new Macallan® cocktail menu. The content needed to highlight the unique flavours and aromas of the drinks whilst also capturing the sophisticated ambience of the restaurant.
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The content was primarily shared on Instagram and Facebook, utilising the restaurants' and influencer accounts. The images and videos were posted regularly in the weeks leading up to the launch of the Macallan® cocktail menu, generating anticipation and excitement among the restaurant's followers.

The photography and film campaign results were a resounding success, generating a significant increase in engagement and customer interest. The beautiful visuals of the cocktails and the restaurant's upscale atmosphere were shared and reposted by influencers and customers alike, reaching a wider audience than ever before.
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